The therapeutic section of the Gyula Castle Spa was opened to the general public seeking a variety of cures and overall wellness, in August 1968. In the same year, the waters of thermal well number one were declared medicinal. This made it possible for the Ministry of Health to rank it among the medicinal baths providing national health services in 1971.

In 2002, within the framework of the Széchenyi Plan, the therapeutic section was totally rebuilt. Since then, the structure has remained unchanged employing twenty-seven staff.

Dr Agnes Zahoram, rheumatologist and head of the therapeutic section, is available at the consulting rooms of the Castle Spa in the following hours: Monday – Friday: 8:00-14:00.
For a medical examination, please bring along your general practitioner’s referral, your social security card and your medical examination reports.

We draw up the treatment schedule for our patients based on the results of previous examinations and the specialist’s recommendations. The minimum period of a rehabilitative bath treatment is six days.

Patients, for whom the medical treatments have been previously prescribed, can check in at the therapeutic section directly. However at any time during the period of their bath therapy, should it prove necessary, they can seek consultation with a physician at the spa.

Our therapeutic section is very flexible, with two practitioners who always endeavour to arrange treatment times that are most ideal for our patients.

We are proud of the fact that we are able to arrange appointments on the day of your arrival, even in the busiest summer periods.

Available pools

Medicinal pools

Medicinal swimming pool 28–30°C
Medicinal pool I. 36–38°C
Medicinal pool II. 34–35°C
“Butterfly” medicinal pool 34–35°C
“Octopus” medicinal pool 35–37°C
Diving pool 31–34°C

The AquaPalota’s pools

Youth pool for babies and young children
2 water cannons, pirate-boat water slide, 2 gargoyle fountains
Recreational swimming pool
Entertainment pool
12 massage beds, water curtains, 2 massage cabins, 6 neck showers, geysers
Cold pool for saunas
4 massage beds, 8 water jets
Diving pool

Outdoor park

Wave pool
Waterslide pool
25 m indoor swimming pool
50 m outdoor swimming pool
Waterparadise for children
Wellness pool

Services and benefits

Aromatherapy Massages

Indian Lemongrass
Tropical Sunset
Almond Mud
Far East Sunset
Frozen Massage
Fresh Summer Drink
Winter Magic
Sea Shore
Mint-Rosemary Air Purifying
Sweet Mood

Beauty massages

Face and Neck
Fat Burning
Fat Burning Massage with Vacuum Treatment
Firming, Toning, Vitalizing
Skin-Firming Algae
Jojoba Oil
“Momentum” Skin Rejuvenating

Other massages

Dead Sea Facial
Refreshing Vitamin Treatment
Salt Peeling
Chocolate Cream
Exclusive – Sea Salt & Algae Peeling
Soul and Love
Grape Seed Oil
Massage for Couples
Lavender Oil


Finnish Sauna
Casanova Sauna
Infrared Sauna
Panoramic Sauna
Steam Room
Resting Room


Monday 8am - 7pm
Tuesday 8am - 7pm
Wednesday 8am - 7pm
Thursday 8am - 7pm
Friday 8am - 7pm
Saturday 8am - 7pm
Sunday 8am - 7pm

Address and contact

Our address H-5700 Gyula, Várkert u. 2.
GPS 46.644902 , 21.286963
Telephone +36 66 561 350
Web //