Heves: A very beautiful region of Hungary, one hour from the centre of Budapest, consisting of a mountainous area (including the Mátra mountain range which is home to the highest point in the country at 1014m) and the great plain to the south of the region. The Eger prefecture is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the country, with its old Ottoman fortress from the 16th century and the Cathedral Basilica (the 2nd largest in Hungary). In terms of spas and thermal parks, the region has some exotic features such as the Demjén cave bath, as well as the 5th Turkish bath still in operation and the only one outside Budapest, located in Eger. Another interesting sight to see is the Saliris Resort Spa Hotel in Egerszalók, which has its own source of medicinal water from the only open-air salt mountain in Europe, which sits right beside it. The region is full of very old historic buildings, such as the 11th century Feldebrő church, the ruins of the 13th century Sirok castle, the natural history museum in Mátra which has an excellent reputation, the 11th century Kisnána castle with a church integrated into its enclosure…for history buffs, the list goes on and on!

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