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Debrecen: Hungary's second largest city, will soon be the site of an insanely exciting new spa park spearheading the attractiveness of the region. Located 230 km from Budapest, the new park will stretch into the northern suburbs of the city. The urban area is already the host to the main concentration of thermal baths in the city and now the entire area is undergoing a major renovation.


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This major project, with its open-air water park, is going to be all called the "Nagyerdei Strandfürdő", which translates as the "beach of the great forest".


The main idea, the unique touch of this futuristic design is to connect all the elements of the water park together. But that is not all! The project will align in harmony with the nearby forest. As perfectly illustrated in the video presentation, the originality of the project lies in the connection of the pools via large artificial waterfalls.

Once the work is completed, the total water area of the water park will increase from 3,600 to 5,700 m2 with a total of 15 pools.

At a total cost of 26 million euros, this project will include a pool of medicinal water, a winding river with a slow current, a diving pool, a pool with a transparent bottom at the top of the structure, swimming pools of 30 and 50 meters, a training pool, and many more special facilities and features.

Although this futuristic enterprise looks like it is straight out of a science-fiction film, the work has already begun. Debrecen intends to compete with the sumptuous baths of the capital, Budapest, and this pharaonic project will clearly be not afraid of comparisons with the very best Hungary has to offer.

It is all scheduled to open for the summer of 2020.



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