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Coronavirus: according to the Hungarian National Centre for Public Health, it is safe to go to thermal baths


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The Hungarian National Centre for Public Health has issued information on the processes of filling, filtering and draining water to control the presence of coronavirus. To reassure visitors to thermal baths and spa resorts, the amount of chlorine used to disinfect the water in the pools is sufficient to kill any coronavirus that may get into the water, so the presence of viable viruses in properly-operated pools is virtually impossible.

The national chief medical officer, Cecília Müller, has said that the thermal water in thermal baths and spas is of such a high temperature that the virus cannot endure it, which should alleviate any fears.
Although research shows that the virus has been detected in the urine and faeces of infected individuals, there is no evidence of water-borne infection in the current outbreak or in previous coronaviruses.

The novel coronavirus is an enveloped virus. If this envelope is damaged, the virus loses its infectious power. Coronaviruses have been shown to be inactivated almost instantly in the presence of 0.2 to 0.5 mg/L of free chlorine, so the presence of viable viruses in properly-operated thermal baths and pools remains unlikely.

According to the announcement by the National Centre for Public Health, public bath operators ensure that communal pools do not become vehicles for infection, and that the water does not cause damage to health through microbiological contamination or by its chemical composition. The water must not contain any substances that are irritating or toxic to skin and mucous membranes and must not be objectionable from an aesthetic point of view. After filling and commissioning the filter systems, the water is continuously drained and cleaned by a pump and then continuously returned after disinfection.

Coronavirus barrier gestures must be respected when in the vicinity of the baths, including in the changing rooms. Once in the thermal water, even though you will likely be safer than in any other public place, it is still important to respect the rules of social distancing.


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